Day 14 – Sunday 23rd June

From Jason: Managed a shower at 17.8. Not so bad actually, as long as the sun is out…not sure how motivated I will be when its grey and cold!!!!  Chilly now, especially at night…door closed last night. Nic in long trousers, im still in shorts but hoodie all night and some part of the day… so today 1600z 44.08n 31.14w making 050mag at 8.5kts in ssw, 10-12 1029 day 14 DR 189nm kite up deep reaching so wind very aft.

Trying to get to 46n 27w by about 2am mon morning…will have to see what the wind does…we are going to get light winds but looks like a small river of west wind we may be able to get into if we stay at about 46n? Our next wp is 47n 22.30 on tues 25th morning, then 27.30n 18w on wed morning, then 48.32n 14w thurs 27th…and then up into the channell on fri 28th 49n 09w….hummmmm would be nice if we can carry some wind, but thought I saw some headwinds on the w fax, which we now have lost as we are too far west, trying for european stations may be better tonight. We saw what looked like a small sperm whale yesterday, half mile to port, jumping out of the water 3 times, great, and quite a few dolphins over the last few days, boobies and some terns, but no flying fish. Have the lines out today so maybe a fish…we will see.

Day 13 – Saturday 22nd June

From Jason: Having a good run today, kite down at 4am, genoa and 1 reef in reaching at 10-12 kts but will probably average 9′s today if lucky. So today at 1600 Zulu we were at 42.59N 35.18W making 090 mag at 10 kts, barometer 1029 and water 19.1..dr 13 189n min ssw 14-15kts.  I will get a new grib tonight as looks like we will be at wp 43n35w 23rd am, not 24th, so that’s good. More wind at 43.7N and will look and see what we can expect as we are getting closer…its really going to be the next wp at 600 miles out as looks like that high will dominate the western approaches, so will have to work a strategy there as don’t want to have to go to N Ireland to get in to the channel!!!!

From Nic: We are having glorious days after the sun burns off the clouds. The only worry at the moment is that we will run out of wind in the western approaches because of the high that’s forming there. Can’t give you an ETA because of that. Give my love to everybody.

Day 12 – Friday 21st June

From Jason: Well kite up yesterday, down at 10pm and reaching overnight at about 8kts…some swell and the water has changed from the cobalt blue to a green tint much cooler colour…talking of which, my shower today was at 18.6…aaahhhhh, no really not too bad as its sunny although noticeably cooler. So kite again today and pulling well at 7-10kts, some surfing at 14;s but all mild in comparison.

today at 1600Z (midday caribbean time) 41.37N 39.28W. Making 8.5kts, 090 magnetic, 1029 barometer, water 18.7.  DR day 12 188nm, so all good. Heading to new waypoint at 42.30n 36w, and should be there tomorow 22nd before midday.  Then flattening off to 43n 30W by sometime late 23rd early mon 24th… we will see how we get on. Some dolphins but not many and not for long…5 mins ish pods of 6 or so or 1 pod of 50 a few days ago…not fishing as just trying to push on will try again in a day or two… Nics second batch of bread looked a little dodgy, but turned out well, so another bread day sunday.

From Nic: All going well here apart from not enough wind, we are now more than halfway, the morning has dawned cold and grey. The boat feels very damp from condensation and I am still wondering why I left the Caribbean!

Day 11 – Thursday 20 July

From Jason:  Heading N for wind and Gybed at 7pm..wind picked up nicely with 10kts or so and we were close reaching so made some miles that 1600 Zulu (meaning 12 carib time but today we are utc -3 as we went forward an hour)we were at 40.13n 43.03w making 090mag at 9kts with 10-12 kts wind ssw baro 1028, water 20.1 DR 187nm so all good. Kite up now pulling hard reaching at 11kts, after a morning of changing the clutches on the boom for the ones we used to have…the new clutch sheared all the bolts which i think happened in Martinique, so had to drill out a few holes etc but all done now and seems ok. The only thing holding the ropes was the fact that  the clutch block couldn’t fit down the boom!!!

From Nic: Yes cold salt showers not appealing, water temp went down to 16 deg overnight but then strangely went back up to 21 in the day [20 now]. We have been having very little wind lately so have had to go a little further north than Jason had planed as this puts us in the path of lows coming off America, the wind is better here and we are making good progress at 7-9 kts. Cant give you any idea of arrival as it is so weather dependant. about another 1800 miles to go so not even halfway yet! Love to you and all.20 june b

Day 10 – Wednesday 19th June

From Jason:  all good here. had a slow night and started motoring at about 1am with the kite up as well….3-4 kts wind dropping to nothing by 0300 this morning. All very strange, got up at 1am and water temp had dropped from 20.4 at midnight to 16.6 at 1am…bizarre, heavy fog / dew so that made us drop the kite.  Still like that at 4am…both a little worried about the shower arrangements ….. Luckily when I got up at 9am it was just changing and by 9.30 it was sunny and water was 20.4 again. needles to say we both have had showers this morning… So engine off at 11am and sailing nicely at 6kts in 8kts breeze. Plan to keep heading N for another 20 miles or so then tack onto stb and try and put a little E / NE in as the wind overtakes us tomorrow.

so wed 19th 38.56n 46.13w baro1028 022mag at 7kts water 20.9 wind ssw8-9.

Its a lovely day here, but last night was a shocker..cold on board( I now have the other blanket on the brown one) and damp in the fog? i was not expecting fog, but note that we are only 300 nm se of the grand banks!!! when we last crossed (2008) we did it at about 32-33n and came N up into san miguel…so about 480 miles south of where we are now…anyway this is what we have to do this year.

I sleep from 4am to about 9am, but that allows Nic to have a nice leisurely breakfast and a shower in the cockpit. He then hop off to bed say 9.30-10 till  11-1300 depending, so hes getting his beauty sleep as well. Nic doesnt eat lunch but occasionally eats a snack in the afternoon. WE take alternate days cooking? err heating stuff up…which is good. Nic is doing bread today…his last loafs all good, so things all ok…

From Nic:  We have been going well until about midnight when the wind dropped so now we are on engine, not only that but overnight the water temp dropped 5 degrees to 16.8 and it is foggy, I am really not looking forward to my deck shower this morning, hot sweet water is a longed for luxury pity its not Irony we are on. Anyway our spirits are good and we are getting along well. Passage weather 19 June

Day 9 – Tuesday 18th June

From Jason:   Lovely day today.  Light wind with kite today and last night.  7kts ish…ok. Had to redo the macerator today our side, opened the tank to clear calcium build up…up to my arms in it…lovely.. all done now though.  Nic’s bread and bits for lunch after a 21.8 shower…not too bad as sunny and warm.  So 18th midday 37.15n 47.08w, making 077 mag at 6-7kts. Barometer 1028 Water 21.8 Wind SSW 8-9 dr 9 187nm.

Day 7/8 – Sunday/Monday 16/17 June

For their latest position click here.

From Jason:  A bit lumpy last night so disturbed and Nic sleeping this morning.  Managed to mend the macerator sop that was a success this morning… seems to be a lot of that sort of thing this trip.. or is that just me…Wind now light as expected and new waypoint 37.30n 45w should keep us on the edge of the wind band…I hope.  (1700 at 33.15n, 51.54w)  2 ships seen today so that’s 3 in total with only 1 with AIS on.   Not seen much marine life.  Couple of small hunting birds today.  A fishing makek with aerial yesterday but no rubbish or anything other than sargosso weed which is good.  Water most beautiful cobalt colour.

So position SATURDAY midday 30.57n 56.08w.  Barometer 1022,  making 071m at 10kts, wind sse 15-16, water temp 24.1.   DR6 188nm

Position Sunday midday 32.57n 52.42w, making 071 mag at 9.5kts. Barometer 1023, water 23.1, wind s15.  All good here both tired today after a restless night.   Spag bog for dinner with salad all vg. Bananas all ripe so lost 2 hands..but plenty of other stuff.

Our position Mon midday (Carib time which is 1600 utc) was 35.06n 49.27w.  Barometer 1027,  making 062m at 7.7kts.  Water 22.4,  S 8-10 kts wind.  Day 8DR 191nm.  Kite up this afternoon as wind eased.  Heading to a new waypoint 37.30n 46w and hope that that is just in the wind 10-15kt band…we will see eta tues late afternoon.

Seem to be going quite well at the moment, making good speeds in light winds which is pleasant sailing but overcast all day today so no sun.

we wil see what happens but at this rate we will be at least 200nm N of the azores well before we get on the same west, so looks like a straight run to the uk..however a lot can happen in the next week or so…

From Nic (in answer to questions!): The bread turned out OK but a bit flat have not tried it yet as I am still finishing bread from Martinique. The watch system is Jason from 7-10, then me 10-1, then jason  1-4 and then I come on at 4 and let Jason sleep till 9 so he gets a solid block of 5 hours each day!  I will usually try to get another hour or two during the day.  The weather is fine and clear at the moment and we are moving along at a good 8-9 knots.  Jason is an excellent sailor, is very careful with Pegasus.  It certainly takes some getting used to sailing without any wind instruments apart from the wind arrow at the top of the mast. We are looking at the weather and it looks like the wind is going to fade in the next day or so.  Have not managed to watch a single thing as the notebook computer will not start, I think it is the hard disk.  There are power issues as well and everything is very salty so I am reluctant to get out the other one.  The kindle is doing well and the Ipod is back, the problem was the lead but Jason had another.  We are getting along well and nothing more to report.


Day 6 – Saturday 15th June

From Jason: Position at midday today 30.57N 56.08W.  Making 10kts, 071 magnetic,  barometer 1022, water temp 24.1.  Daily Run: 188nm…should be a good day today.

We turned a bit east last night after dinner, kite down and full main and full genoa…faster than the day sailing with the kite as now closer to he wind.  Waves and wind up slightly by midday so 2 reefs, full stay and half genoa, stable rig with plenty in the gate.  Expect wind to increase to 15-17 kts tonight and currently 15 I guess. Close reaching quite fast but stable.  Waves got some rhythm now and occasional surfing 16-18, but not really powering with stern sea yet.  Looks like we have good winds till Monday then it will be light at 33N. Plenty wind at 38N but don’t want to be that high this far west…we will see.  We have passed the corner and now making our easting so we are on the top of the high …or nearly.  Just looks like a trough at 33N 45-50E so just don’t know what winds will be there on Monday at this stage…

Nic making first bread today, looking good so far and just in the oven

From Nic: All OK making 8kts now very comfortably, very nice sailing at the moment downwind and warm, I had expected it to be cooler by now. midnight position n 29 52 29 w 57 43 58. We are making more easting now and trying to go above the high so it looks like we may miss the Azores.


Day 5 – Friday 14th June

From Jason: All good on board.  Midday today we were at 28.37N 58.32W making 035 magnetic at 7.5 kts.  Barometer 1022 steady.  Water temp 25.2.  Kite down last night so a bit slow (some dark clouds on our tail) but up at 9am and good now. Stopped this morning to reset (computate) the compass. Light winds so took the opportunity to visual inspect the couple of big wave impacts we have had…all good. Re-aligned the rudders as some small vibration above 10 kts.  All good now.  Currently 8-10 kts, wind SSE,  6 ft seas, so good.  Busy morning with a load of small jobs. Turned on the freezer and gave it 3 hours so all cold …looks like flank steak tonight some fried bakes (Nic’s kartofflen ) and the swede which had a splash in salt water and didn’t like it.  Got the lines out yesterday for the first time and again today but no fish yet!!!  Mango’s now turning a beautiful orange and we had the first one today. Having been wrapped in newspaper since hard they are completely unblemished and a lovely orange…totally delicious one of the best.  Wind looks like its going to be light. Our next way point is 33n 50w 480 miles so looks like Monday sometime.  Just trying to stay in the 20kt wind band as at 38n 50w on mon morning its blowing 30 i think…so that looks like the plan tonight.

From Nic: I think we have enough food on here to survive the next ice age so this may be the first crossing where I gain weight!


We are having light winds from the starboard quarter and we put up the asymmetric at noon.  We are going about 8kts and the distance run is 185 miles not bad as there is not a whitecap in sight.  Still warm.