We are currently visiting family and friends in London and Ibiza. We fly back to Trinidad on 10th October to rejoin Irony.

From May to September 2011 we were sailing on Spiip from Trindad to the Society Islands in French Polynesia. To see pictures and read about our adventures visit:


Irony all wrapped-up for her summer sleep!

13 May 2011 | Vivian (anotherview att live dott nl)
WAUW what a nice colour! You did quite some work there. Hope you have a nice trip into the Pacific. We still enjoy Patagonia a lot, it’s a truly wonderful place.Love Bram and Viv


The last week has flown by. The topsides are finished and we moved into the locked long-term storage area here Wednesday and spent our first night on Spiip. Yesterday was completely manic trying to get all the last minute things done before leaving Irony for 6 months or more. Our farewell to her was dramatic…I arrived back from the laundry to find a man releasing the guard dogs! I had to get the handler to bring them out again and lock them in their cages. He wasn’t very happy having to wait around for us to finish our last jobs. Irony is going to be shrink-wrapped for protection but not until the weekend. We will look forward to seeing the photographs. We also decided to leave her with air conditioning so that we don’t arrive back to a moldy boat.

It’s a strange feeling to be leaving our home for such a long time. In the 9 years we have been on Irony the longest we’ve abandoned her for is just over 3 weeks. Be good Irony.

29 April 2011 | Anna Sim (anna att annasim dott com)
I am crying and smiling at the same time on your posting and the excitement of the next adventure on Spiip. IRONY will be waiting for you all shiny and new! LOVE to you Both!!! xoxo


Another week and until today it seemed to be “one step forward, six steps backwards”. Some bubbles in the paint on the port side ended up with that whole side of the boat being sanded back (beyond our last paint job and into the original paint). Yesterday we were back to a coat of grey primer and feeling, with Easter on the horizon, that we would never get finished. Today they sprayed the area beige again, peeled off all the plastic that has encased us for the last two weeks and we began to see the final result emerge. There’s still some detailing to do but we now have an incredibly shiny boat and a new colour scheme!
We’ve also had various pieces of floor, the chart table and the saloon table off the boat to be varnished and they arrived back today looking fabulous. Nic’s spent the afternoon re-installing them and we’re getting back to some semblance of a home again.
Spiip arrived on Monday and we helped with their haulout on Wednesday morning. They are now our neighbours on the hard. We’re hoping to be able to set off by Friday next week.

23 April 2011 | Tricia (ketchlazybones att hotmail dott com)

Are my eyes correct and is Irony now CREAM coloured? Good sailing next Friday; I shall be watching The Wedding of Will and Kate all day – as will all of France.
Amities xxx
23 April 2011 | Michele Cutler (ironylondon att gmail dott com)
Yes, we decided to go for something different to traditional and ever prevalent white and blue! It’s more yellow than intended but we really like it. Shame it’s such a long time before we see it in its full glory on the water.
24 April 2011 | Anna Sim (anna att annasim dott com)
Irony is beautiful – colored just in time for Easter. LOVELY!!!