Day 23 – Arrival 2nd July



Pegasus arrived in Cowes at 13:15 Tuesday 2nd July and is now moored on W pontoon at Shepards Marina.




Salty seadogs – Jason and Nic – just after their arrival.

Day 22 – Monday 1st July

From Jason:  had some nice breeze in the channel, but dying now. I think we will be at the fairway buoy at about 5am, which is a bummer as we will miss the tide gate (12pm to about 5am) so we will be through hurst on the next gate (unless we can push through on the engines) at 12, so cowes by 2.30bst i guess. Lots of navy off plymouth, exercises..warship, submarine (heard not seen) and an electronic surveillance vessel, plus noce overfly by linx helicopter and hearty wave from the guy in the back… so today at 1600z 50.00n 03.54w making 070mag at 6kts baro 1018 water 13.6…dr22 170nm, so not too bad in the light winds. Must say that im looking forward to getting in .we will try and stop at shepards and fill with water etc.

From Nic:  It has been a bitterly cold night but at least no fog and little ship traffic and now the sun is shining hooray! We are still 126 miles away so it probably means either the small hours or a bit later in the morning.Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 01072013 233407.bmp

Day 21 – Monday 22nd June

Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 30062013 225216.bmp

From Jason: going well today. motoring last night in no wind, but filled in at 11am so kite up. Immediately we saw 3 fishing boats and then the fog came down, so all very tight around the fishing boats etc. loads of merchant vessels, on ais and radar, so a busy night, but you know how it is when coming up on england… so 1600z today 30th, 49.47n 8.06w making 080mag at 8.5kts in wsw 14kts baro 1023 and water 13 deg DR 21 167nm, so not bad considering that we motored slowly from 1500 to 11pm

(8 hrs). All cold and damp in the fog,NOt bad today, sun out at about lunchtime and away again by 4pm. overcast behind and chilly now

(17.30) so expecting fog tonight as well..not ideal as im sure there will be plenty of shipping about…and of course the dreaded fishing boats going all directions. our ETA needles loks like 03-0500 tues 2nd on the last of the flood tide, so hope we can just get through hurst before the west set starts..looks like no wind from 1800 mon night…so will be motoring i guess.

From Nic: We have been eating very well with Amandas gourmet meals and I have had to restrict myself on quantities!Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 01072013 100404.bmp

Day 20 – Sunday 29th June


From Jason: so today at 1600z (ships time now) we were at 49.37n 11.54w and the wind just died so motoring at 4.8kts in w 4-6kts baro 1030 water 13.4 DR 20 166nm  should get some more wind at 2300 tonight and hope that it is enough to take us up the channel. Thai beef curry VG tonight….it has developed a real bite and is quite strong…had it with one of nics mango yoghurts

From Nic: Still don’t know yet when we arrive but probably Tuesday evening sometime, maybe late because we are due to run out of wind [again] tomorrow, and then there are the tides to consider because we need a fair tide to get into Cowes. Looking forward to arriving now, the nights are bitterly cold and very dewy and we have had a bit of fog.

Day 19 – Friday 28th June

Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 29062013 090550.bmp

From Jason:  So a good night last night, kite flying but having to gybe downwind to keep the speed (50 mile tacks). basically trying to keep to 49.30n while clocking east. looks like ETA cowes? mon night / early tuesday morning but a bit early to say. (i think we may try and take the 2300z flood tide up the solent if we are lucky mon 1st)so today at 1600z 49.14n 16.04w making 098mag at 9.8kts in w13-16 (didnt last long)baro 1032 water 13.2 DR19 196nm so a god day. Wind eased now and light but some swell which no doubt will subside. Spag bog tonight which will be VG (bacon beans pots and egg last night!) Days overcast with sun peaking through at 4 ish, so quite cold. NO fog last night which was good as not so damp. Cold now and although I had a shower yesterday at 14.1…slight head numbing..nic decided for hot fresh water today as at 13.2 its almost masochistic. BTW, looks like there will be some strong winds in the channel later next week, so will be glad to be tucked up somewhere.

From Nic: We are still sailing along merrily, looking for enough wind, the kite is up again tonight, there are thousands of stars out which I would appreciate if it wasn’t so cold outside. looking at the map it’s hard to believe we are still several days away. Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 29062013 090550.bmp

Day 18 – Thursday 27th June

From Jason:  Alls good here. we had a frustrating night motoring but after 10 hrs picked up some wind this morning at 49n,21w and are now heading east with some 10-11 kts breeze occasionally 12. so good sailing with the kite up at 7-9kts, so should make mileage today. so today 1600z 49.03n 20.29w making 095mag at 6.2lts in sw 6-8kts. water 14.0 varo 1036 (now starting to fall indicating that the high is over our right shoulder) Dr 18 123nm as yesterday.

From Nic: Not sure yet about arrival plans, we are still more than 700 miles away, motoring cos the wind has died. I think the plan is to go into cowes.  Showers are getting very painful now the water temp is only 15c, told jason he has to have the only boat on the market at $380k that does not have a hot shower!

Day 17 – Wednesday 26th June

From Jason: slow day today here..motoring since 8.30am, catching little puffs but just charging batteries and blowing the fridge down. colder again and overcast till 2pm when nic had a shower at pretty cold, lucky the sun was out. saw 3 pilot whales this morning when the wind died, but only once then they were gone. so today 1600z 47.48n 22.45w making 070mag at 5kts se4kts wind baro 1037 water 15.3…dr17 123nm….pretty slow with the kite last night… slowly eating our way through the freezer…beef in red wind with carrots and okra…bakes and some cabbage…all delicious

Day 16 – Tuesday 25th June

From Jason: Its been a slow day today..kite at 6kts now dropping a little 4.8kts so nearly time for the engine!!!! we are making progress though and kite up for day and half now. I think 22 days probably, depending on this High, so ok…we will see so arrive late 1st or sometime 2nd. we will see. so today at 1600z 47.13n 25.36w making 080mag at 6.5kts in sw 8-9kts. baro 1032 water 15.9…DR 16 185nm i think it will; be much slower tonight and tomorrow. Delicious beef curry tonight and really quite spicy!!!. First duvet night last night,,,lovely and long trousers today, long sleeve t shirt hoodie and ..socks! shower today at 15.7…cold but just about ok…sort of Scandinavian really!…nics turn tomorrow!Ha! ( i was a little worried about his 16.5 yesterday!!) Very foggy this morning and overcast all day, so quite damp..hope that we see the sun in the high??26 june d

Day 15 – Monday 24th June

From Jason:  Wind has died and we motored for 4 hours today then back to the kite at 6kts in basically no wind…6-8kts sw, but making our way slowly east. looks like we may get a little wind all the way if we can get to say, waypoint 49n 11w by fri 28th then hope for following winds (NW)for the last couple of days up to cowes.

today 1600z we were at 45.45n 28.43w making 052mag at 5.1kts baro 1029, water 16.4 sw4kts..dr15 180nm so not too bad on average. will be slower today i think.

doing the usual running repairs but nothing serious. had a go fixing the aerial today but think the wire has broken somewhere so nothing doing until we get home..have spare emergency aerial so no big deal.

Shnitty night tonight…very nice with some boiled pots and cabbage and yellow squash?? thingy which was skinned and boiled and quite tasty. Sadly the trip to Martinique was a failure as no vegetables in the market when we went, and Nic likes his fruit so most of the fresh was basically fruit, but only a week to go and im sure that we will be eating the stuff you bought …BTW nics diet is basically a high fat (cheese, pate, cheese, butter cheese)high sugar (dates, fruit, fruit juice, jams and honey, sugar, sweetie’s biscuits cheese )so we couldn’t be more different really (slow release carbos (baked pots, bread, etc), but its working out fine….No fishing today after a Nil point day yesterday…maybe tomorrow.

From Nic: It is like living in an unheated british cottage here, no problem in the day but cold and damp at night. No sun today and a shower in 17c water, even the German in me is feeling it. We are making progress but still more than 1000 miles to go, hopefully the wind will cooperate but it is all looking very light.

Day 14 – Sunday 23rd June

From Jason: Managed a shower at 17.8. Not so bad actually, as long as the sun is out…not sure how motivated I will be when its grey and cold!!!!  Chilly now, especially at night…door closed last night. Nic in long trousers, im still in shorts but hoodie all night and some part of the day… so today 1600z 44.08n 31.14w making 050mag at 8.5kts in ssw, 10-12 1029 day 14 DR 189nm kite up deep reaching so wind very aft.

Trying to get to 46n 27w by about 2am mon morning…will have to see what the wind does…we are going to get light winds but looks like a small river of west wind we may be able to get into if we stay at about 46n? Our next wp is 47n 22.30 on tues 25th morning, then 27.30n 18w on wed morning, then 48.32n 14w thurs 27th…and then up into the channell on fri 28th 49n 09w….hummmmm would be nice if we can carry some wind, but thought I saw some headwinds on the w fax, which we now have lost as we are too far west, trying for european stations may be better tonight. We saw what looked like a small sperm whale yesterday, half mile to port, jumping out of the water 3 times, great, and quite a few dolphins over the last few days, boobies and some terns, but no flying fish. Have the lines out today so maybe a fish…we will see.