Day 15 – Monday 24th June

From Jason:  Wind has died and we motored for 4 hours today then back to the kite at 6kts in basically no wind…6-8kts sw, but making our way slowly east. looks like we may get a little wind all the way if we can get to say, waypoint 49n 11w by fri 28th then hope for following winds (NW)for the last couple of days up to cowes.

today 1600z we were at 45.45n 28.43w making 052mag at 5.1kts baro 1029, water 16.4 sw4kts..dr15 180nm so not too bad on average. will be slower today i think.

doing the usual running repairs but nothing serious. had a go fixing the aerial today but think the wire has broken somewhere so nothing doing until we get home..have spare emergency aerial so no big deal.

Shnitty night tonight…very nice with some boiled pots and cabbage and yellow squash?? thingy which was skinned and boiled and quite tasty. Sadly the trip to Martinique was a failure as no vegetables in the market when we went, and Nic likes his fruit so most of the fresh was basically fruit, but only a week to go and im sure that we will be eating the stuff you bought …BTW nics diet is basically a high fat (cheese, pate, cheese, butter cheese)high sugar (dates, fruit, fruit juice, jams and honey, sugar, sweetie’s biscuits cheese )so we couldn’t be more different really (slow release carbos (baked pots, bread, etc), but its working out fine….No fishing today after a Nil point day yesterday…maybe tomorrow.

From Nic: It is like living in an unheated british cottage here, no problem in the day but cold and damp at night. No sun today and a shower in 17c water, even the German in me is feeling it. We are making progress but still more than 1000 miles to go, hopefully the wind will cooperate but it is all looking very light.

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