Day 16 – Tuesday 25th June

From Jason: Its been a slow day today..kite at 6kts now dropping a little 4.8kts so nearly time for the engine!!!! we are making progress though and kite up for day and half now. I think 22 days probably, depending on this High, so ok…we will see so arrive late 1st or sometime 2nd. we will see. so today at 1600z 47.13n 25.36w making 080mag at 6.5kts in sw 8-9kts. baro 1032 water 15.9…DR 16 185nm i think it will; be much slower tonight and tomorrow. Delicious beef curry tonight and really quite spicy!!!. First duvet night last night,,,lovely and long trousers today, long sleeve t shirt hoodie and ..socks! shower today at 15.7…cold but just about ok…sort of Scandinavian really!…nics turn tomorrow!Ha! ( i was a little worried about his 16.5 yesterday!!) Very foggy this morning and overcast all day, so quite damp..hope that we see the sun in the high??26 june d

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