Day 19 – Friday 28th June

From Jason:  So a good night last night, kite flying but having to gybe downwind to keep the speed (50 mile tacks). basically trying to keep to 49.30n while clocking east. looks like ETA cowes? mon night / early tuesday morning but a bit early to say. (i think we may try and take the 2300z flood tide up the solent if we are lucky mon 1st)so today at 1600z 49.14n 16.04w making 098mag at 9.8kts in w13-16 (didnt last long)baro 1032 water 13.2 DR19 196nm so a god day. Wind eased now and light but some swell which no doubt will subside. Spag bog tonight which will be VG (bacon beans pots and egg last night!) Days overcast with sun peaking through at 4 ish, so quite cold. NO fog last night which was good as not so damp. Cold now and although I had a shower yesterday at 14.1…slight head numbing..nic decided for hot fresh water today as at 13.2 its almost masochistic. BTW, looks like there will be some strong winds in the channel later next week, so will be glad to be tucked up somewhere.

From Nic: We are still sailing along merrily, looking for enough wind, the kite is up again tonight, there are thousands of stars out which I would appreciate if it wasn’t so cold outside. looking at the map it’s hard to believe we are still several days away. Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 29062013 090550.bmp

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