Day 20 – Sunday 29th June

From Jason: so today at 1600z (ships time now) we were at 49.37n 11.54w and the wind just died so motoring at 4.8kts in w 4-6kts baro 1030 water 13.4 DR 20 166nm  should get some more wind at 2300 tonight and hope that it is enough to take us up the channel. Thai beef curry VG tonight….it has developed a real bite and is quite strong…had it with one of nics mango yoghurts

From Nic: Still don’t know yet when we arrive but probably Tuesday evening sometime, maybe late because we are due to run out of wind [again] tomorrow, and then there are the tides to consider because we need a fair tide to get into Cowes. Looking forward to arriving now, the nights are bitterly cold and very dewy and we have had a bit of fog.

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