Day 21 – Monday 22nd June

From Jason: going well today. motoring last night in no wind, but filled in at 11am so kite up. Immediately we saw 3 fishing boats and then the fog came down, so all very tight around the fishing boats etc. loads of merchant vessels, on ais and radar, so a busy night, but you know how it is when coming up on england… so 1600z today 30th, 49.47n 8.06w making 080mag at 8.5kts in wsw 14kts baro 1023 and water 13 deg DR 21 167nm, so not bad considering that we motored slowly from 1500 to 11pm

(8 hrs). All cold and damp in the fog,NOt bad today, sun out at about lunchtime and away again by 4pm. overcast behind and chilly now

(17.30) so expecting fog tonight as well..not ideal as im sure there will be plenty of shipping about…and of course the dreaded fishing boats going all directions. our ETA needles loks like 03-0500 tues 2nd on the last of the flood tide, so hope we can just get through hurst before the west set starts..looks like no wind from 1800 mon night…so will be motoring i guess.

From Nic: We have been eating very well with Amandas gourmet meals and I have had to restrict myself on quantities!Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 01072013 100404.bmp

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