Day 22 – Monday 1st July

From Jason:  had some nice breeze in the channel, but dying now. I think we will be at the fairway buoy at about 5am, which is a bummer as we will miss the tide gate (12pm to about 5am) so we will be through hurst on the next gate (unless we can push through on the engines) at 12, so cowes by 2.30bst i guess. Lots of navy off plymouth, exercises..warship, submarine (heard not seen) and an electronic surveillance vessel, plus noce overfly by linx helicopter and hearty wave from the guy in the back… so today at 1600z 50.00n 03.54w making 070mag at 6kts baro 1018 water 13.6…dr22 170nm, so not too bad in the light winds. Must say that im looking forward to getting in .we will try and stop at shepards and fill with water etc.

From Nic:  It has been a bitterly cold night but at least no fog and little ship traffic and now the sun is shining hooray! We are still 126 miles away so it probably means either the small hours or a bit later in the morning.Nic's Transatlantic Crossing - Google Maps - Google Chrome 01072013 233407.bmp

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