Day 5 – Friday 14th June

From Jason: All good on board.  Midday today we were at 28.37N 58.32W making 035 magnetic at 7.5 kts.  Barometer 1022 steady.  Water temp 25.2.  Kite down last night so a bit slow (some dark clouds on our tail) but up at 9am and good now. Stopped this morning to reset (computate) the compass. Light winds so took the opportunity to visual inspect the couple of big wave impacts we have had…all good. Re-aligned the rudders as some small vibration above 10 kts.  All good now.  Currently 8-10 kts, wind SSE,  6 ft seas, so good.  Busy morning with a load of small jobs. Turned on the freezer and gave it 3 hours so all cold …looks like flank steak tonight some fried bakes (Nic’s kartofflen ) and the swede which had a splash in salt water and didn’t like it.  Got the lines out yesterday for the first time and again today but no fish yet!!!  Mango’s now turning a beautiful orange and we had the first one today. Having been wrapped in newspaper since hard they are completely unblemished and a lovely orange…totally delicious one of the best.  Wind looks like its going to be light. Our next way point is 33n 50w 480 miles so looks like Monday sometime.  Just trying to stay in the 20kt wind band as at 38n 50w on mon morning its blowing 30 i think…so that looks like the plan tonight.

From Nic: I think we have enough food on here to survive the next ice age so this may be the first crossing where I gain weight!

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