Day 13 – Saturday 22nd June

From Jason: Having a good run today, kite down at 4am, genoa and 1 reef in reaching at 10-12 kts but will probably average 9′s today if lucky. So today at 1600 Zulu we were at 42.59N 35.18W making 090 mag at 10 kts, barometer 1029 and water 19.1..dr 13 189n min ssw 14-15kts.  I will get a new grib tonight as looks like we will be at wp 43n35w 23rd am, not 24th, so that’s good. More wind at 43.7N and will look and see what we can expect as we are getting closer…its really going to be the next wp at 600 miles out as looks like that high will dominate the western approaches, so will have to work a strategy there as don’t want to have to go to N Ireland to get in to the channel!!!!

From Nic: We are having glorious days after the sun burns off the clouds. The only worry at the moment is that we will run out of wind in the western approaches because of the high that’s forming there. Can’t give you an ETA because of that. Give my love to everybody.

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