Day 10 – Wednesday 19th June

From Jason:  all good here. had a slow night and started motoring at about 1am with the kite up as well….3-4 kts wind dropping to nothing by 0300 this morning. All very strange, got up at 1am and water temp had dropped from 20.4 at midnight to 16.6 at 1am…bizarre, heavy fog / dew so that made us drop the kite.  Still like that at 4am…both a little worried about the shower arrangements ….. Luckily when I got up at 9am it was just changing and by 9.30 it was sunny and water was 20.4 again. needles to say we both have had showers this morning… So engine off at 11am and sailing nicely at 6kts in 8kts breeze. Plan to keep heading N for another 20 miles or so then tack onto stb and try and put a little E / NE in as the wind overtakes us tomorrow.

so wed 19th 38.56n 46.13w baro1028 022mag at 7kts water 20.9 wind ssw8-9.

Its a lovely day here, but last night was a shocker..cold on board( I now have the other blanket on the brown one) and damp in the fog? i was not expecting fog, but note that we are only 300 nm se of the grand banks!!! when we last crossed (2008) we did it at about 32-33n and came N up into san miguel…so about 480 miles south of where we are now…anyway this is what we have to do this year.

I sleep from 4am to about 9am, but that allows Nic to have a nice leisurely breakfast and a shower in the cockpit. He then hop off to bed say 9.30-10 till  11-1300 depending, so hes getting his beauty sleep as well. Nic doesnt eat lunch but occasionally eats a snack in the afternoon. WE take alternate days cooking? err heating stuff up…which is good. Nic is doing bread today…his last loafs all good, so things all ok…

From Nic:  We have been going well until about midnight when the wind dropped so now we are on engine, not only that but overnight the water temp dropped 5 degrees to 16.8 and it is foggy, I am really not looking forward to my deck shower this morning, hot sweet water is a longed for luxury pity its not Irony we are on. Anyway our spirits are good and we are getting along well. Passage weather 19 June

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4 Responses to Day 10 – Wednesday 19th June

  1. ross bullock says:

    Hi Nic and Simon, thinking of you, with envy! you guys are ACTUALISERS…!! good luck with the rest of the passage….amazing progress so far!

  2. ross bullock says:

    how are you communicating? via SSB, and sailmail? or satelite?

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